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Electrical Engineer

Edwards Vacuum


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    • Jasmine works as an Engineering Apprentice at Edwards Vacuum – a company that produces vacuum pumps, gauges and abatement systems.
    • She is currently doing rotations through different departments in the business, such as Technical Support, Test Engineering, Software and NPI (New product Introduction). A typical day at work might include practical work, testing, coding or research. There is a lot of collaboration with colleagues involved.
  • Did you know? »
    • Electronic engineers are needed everywhere in the world so there are always opportunities to move to other countries and travel.

  • Routes »
    • Attending a sixth form, college or UTC (University Technical College) are all valid options for working towards a degree apprenticeship.
    • Study STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) subjects to show you are interested in engineering.
    • Don’t disregard other subjects that you enjoy, they show your well-roundedness and dedication to your passions.

  • Entry Requirements »
    • A BTEC in an Engineering subject or 2-3 A Levels in STEM subjects, e.g. Maths, Physics, Computer Science.
    • This will usually depend on the entry requirements of the university you attend as part of your apprenticeship.

  • Skills and Knowledge »
    • Creativity
    • Can break a problem down
    • Methodical, logical and organised
    • Task and finish – projects that you take through from beginning to end
    • Can manage stress well
    • Intellectual curiosity
    • Good communication (written and verbal)
    • Comfortable with working alone and being independent
    • Team player
    • Tech-savvy (is comfortable using computers)

  • 10 reasons why »
    1. The job is diverse and varies from day-to-day.
    2. Lots of options within the industry to specialise, such as designing new products, test equipment and repairs.
    3. Surrounded by industry experts that you can learn from.
    4. High level of satisfaction when things go right.
    5. Make products that affect every-day life.
    6. Be challenged every day.
    7. Be practical, technical and creative.
    8. Opportunities for travel and meeting people from different cultures.
    9. Ability to work independently and as a team with others.
    10. See your solutions help the people around you and your customers.

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