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Graduate Highways Engineer



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    • Highways is a branch of Civil Engineering which comprises primarily of designing, developing, and maintaining anything to do with a road network.
    • These include the road lanes, traffic signs, safety barriers, bridges, and so many more. 
    • These solutions help with day to day demand on transport improvement.
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    • We drive on the left because it made it easier to joust. Luckily, people don’t drive down the road with big pointy sticks out their windows today!
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    • Completing a degree in Civil Engineering
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    • Integrated Master’s degree: 3 A Levels, or equivalent, including Maths 
    • Sixth Form 
    • 4 or 5 GCSEs including Maths and English, or GCSE equivalent

  • Skills and Knowledge »
    • Engineering software
    • Engineering design
    • Problem solving
    • Learning on the job

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Our designs are used to build new things, such as infrastructure or the roads that we drive on.