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    Sam works within recruitment in the space sector. This involves helping organisations attract & retain top talent and helping individuals find a new role.

    Key aims:

    • Showcasing that the space sector is for everyone and not just for astronauts! – There are lots of opportunities which cover Admin, operational, Sales, delivery & engineering etc.
    • Helping amazing organisations scale & recruit the best talent on the globe.
    • Helping the young generation find their first role within the sector.
  • Routes »

    University: Getting a degree could help you in this job, particularly within Aerospace Engineering, Physics, Geography or Mathematics.

    Work: You could work your way up through gaining experience within the workplace

    Apprenticeship: You could secure an apprenticeship giving you the experience to springboard your career

  • Entry Requirements »

    There are no barriers to entry! There are a variety of opportunities across a number of disciplines and levels.

  • Skills and Knowledge »
    • A thirst for learning
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
    • A passion for Technology
    • The ability to use your initiative
  • 10 reasons why »
    1. Play a part in helping humanity progress
    2. Make a positive impact to people’s lives
    3. Work on some of the most advanced & coolest programs
    4. Meet new people everyday of the universe
    5. Learn about cutting edge technologies
    6. Foster diversity and inclusion
    7. Provide the younger generation with a career opportunity
    8. Contribute to the exploration of the universe
    9. Participate in a rapidly growing industry
    10. Promote international collaboration
  • Other roles that may interest you »

    These roles similarly involve communication, coordination, strategic thinking, and a deep interest in space exploration:

    • Project management for space missions
    • Space industry PR/communications specialist
    • Space/STEM outreach coordinator
    • Space law expert/legal counsel
    • Consultant
    • Policy advisor
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The space sector is for everyone not just for astronauts