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Backed by the British Science Association, the CREST Awards introduce young people to learning through their own experiments. They support solving real-life STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Maths) problems, through practical experiments and discussion, drawing young people into the world of STEM discovery and helping them to identify science in their own lives. Find out more by clicking on the headings below...

  • What are the Crest Awards? »

    In order to earn a Superstar CREST Award, young people complete 8 hands-on challenges and behave like a real scientist; deciding how to carry out an investigation, trying their ideas out, and reporting their results.

    The hands-on investigations are fun, easy to understand (no science knowledge needed from adults!), use common resources found in the home or cheaply and easily bought, and each one only takes 45mins to 1 hour to complete.

    Once all the 8 challenges are completed, the young person is awarded a CREST Award, consisting of a certificate celebrating their achievement and a patch to recognise their hard work.

  • Reconnect Programme »

    Reconnect is a Kent County Council led, community based programme designed to get Kent’s children and young people thriving following the pandemic.

    Clubs, businesses and organisations have come together to create fabulous opportunities for children and young people. Together they can have fun, catch up on missed learning, engage in activities and experiences and regain their confidence.

  • Are you a parent or carer? »

    If you are a family in Kent and are looking for some exciting science to investigate this summer, thanks to the Reconnect Programme, you can access free online resources to enable a young person to gain a FREE CREST Award.

    Use the link below to register and receive the free resources and the CREST passport. Once the young person has completed any of the activities, these can also be registered below to receive their CREST award.


    Watch the video below to find out more about what the CREST Awards are, how to complete the activities and how to apply for a FREE CREST Award for your children this summer.

  • Are you a HAF provider? »

    If you are a HAF provider looking to include STEM activities in your provision, use the form below to sign up to receive hardcopy resources and a code to enable you to receive CREST awards for young people free of charge.