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Have you got a STEM question that you need the answer to? Would you like a place to safely refer your pupils to, where there is no chance of their emails falling into the wrong hands, if so, then ASK an ambassador is ready for your questions.

There are now more than 50 STEM Ambassadors registered to the scheme, some of whom have yet to be asked a question in their specialist area. If you have the questions we will get the answers (if there is one) and ensure that it is written at the correct age for the young person who needs to know.

Here are some questions that children have asked in the past.

  • Guston Primary School asked...

    Q. What would happen if humans didn’t have pain reflexes?

    STEM ambassador Andrew a physicist answered:

    A. They would feel no pain. You might think this a good thing, however some people do have this and they are unaware of injuries and health issues and can damage themselves very badly as a result.

  • Firs Primary School asked...

    Q. What’s the difference between a mouse and a dormouse?

    STEM Ambassador and ecologist Helen answered:

    A. Mice and dormice are two different species in the same way that cats and dogs are different species. One big difference is that dormice have fluffy tails and mice don’t.

  • Hogarth Primary School asked...

    Q. What would happen if there were no trees left?

    STEM Ambassador and ecologist Helen answered:

    A. There would be less oxygen so people and animals will find it hard to breath. Things made out of wood wouldn’t exist, for example, chairs, tables, floor boards & other parts of houses, paper, books. There would be more floods and soil would get washed away because trees slow down rain reaching the ground and trees also take up water and hold the soil together with their roots.

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