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Big Bang at West Sussex Alternative Provision College, Burgess Hill

 July 13 2023 | Sussex | Views: 414

West Sussex Alternative Provision College (WSAPC) provides appropriate primary and secondary learning provision for a range of vulnerable and challenging students across seven separate locations across West Sussex. WSAPC were delighted to be supported by The STEM Hub Central South & South East as part of Engineering UK’s Big Bang at Schools programme, aimed at young people aged 11-14 years to run a drone themed morning event on 13 July 2023.

Drone experts TDR engaged with approximately 60 students providing first-hand experience of how drones work and the different uses for them in the world we live in today.

The sessions commenced with an introduction from TDR about their background stories and how some of those related to experiences of their audience, this was a great ice breaker. The students learnt about the foundations of how a drone works, the use of drones within our society and how effective they are within a wide range of industries. The students were advised about the importance of learning the functions of a drone to enable them to think about achievable career routes for the future.

The students also had the opportunity to operate and fly a drone themselves, providing a sense of pride and satisfaction. The session ended with lots of questions from eager students wanting to learn more about the future of drone technology.

Daniel Andrews, Programmes Coordinator & Director, TDR said: “The students responded positively and expressed how much they had learnt from the session. I sensed real passion in their understanding of drone functions. They thoroughly enjoyed flying the drones and there was an increased level of fascination towards seeing the drone take off from the ground and manoeuvre in mid-air. The students gained confidence as they practiced, and they also gained a high level of focus as they really got into it.”

WSAPC were grateful to everyone who helped make the event a huge success for the students who were very appreciative and engaged extremely well with TDR.

(Images supplied by @TDR)


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