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The London STEM Hub interviewed som STEM Ambassadors about their jobs - these podcasts tell different stories. The one thing in common is their commitment to supporting young people in making informed choices.



Physics PhD Student - Kathryn Coldham

Kathryn Coldham is a PhD student currently based at the world famous Large Hadron Collider at CERN!


Electrical Engineer - Aleks Sokol

From an interest in maths to developing electrical components in wind turbines!


Digital Media Apprentice - Tom O’Brien

Get an insight into graduate/apprenticeship assessment days and the valuable experiences and skills an apprenticeship can offer.


Software Engineering Director - Andre Siqueira de Nogueira

Andre gives an insight into how engineering can provide a fundamental and powerful toolkit that can equip people with valuable skills for a wide variety of roles.


Radiation Safety Physicist - Esther Unwannah

Esther shines a spotlight on what a role in radiation safety involves and the importance of being able to communicate to different audiences.


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