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British Science Week: Innovating for the future

British Science Week: Innovating for the future

 04 Mar 2021 | views: 481 | Virtual Events

This year Science Week will be different, with young people coming back to school on the 8th of March, science week will for the first year, have live talks throughout the week 5th to 12th of March. These talks can be accessed by parents, teachers or pupils.


To help teachers, parents and students get the most from British Science week, we have provided some interactive opportunities to make getting engaged easier for everyone. We have also extended the activities until the end of the Spring term, to support teachers during the transition from home learning to school.

The theme - Innovation for the Future is particularly relevant at the current time, with the career fair featuring new roles, jobs and opportunities. The exciting Desert Island Risks returns with a new twist – where students can take an adventure after they select their team! The popular what’s my job’ game is also returning, with students guessing job roles from a few simple clues.

To support teachers there are new interactive timetables – which provide links to live talks or workshops. These events have been created to help learners undertake activities at school or at home. There is a webinar that explains the structure in more detail and a teacher handbook with activities.

The interactive Future World zone enables pupils to access workshops and activities hidden within this futuristic landscape.

We hope that this STEMtastic offering will provide opportunities for all.

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